Introducing the Komori Lithrone G40P!

Delivering the automation and standardization the future will demand, the Lithrone G40P is nothing other than the ultimate high performance printing machine. Equipped with Komori’s high-performance perfecting mechanism configured by three double-size cylinders. Komori’s unique sheet transport system enabled by the stress-free sheet transfer and lower unit air control allows two-sided 8-color printing at 15,000 sheets per hour. Superb performance with heavy stock in either single-sided or double-sided printing mode means that a variety of stunning high added value printing effects can be obtained with special inks and overprint varnish. The Lithrone G40P is a machine of matchless flexibility that addresses a variety of needs at the highest level.

Bradford & Bigelow’s goal has always remained the same: Be the Best in Class, not the biggest. With features like H-UV – the quick drying, powder free drying system that emits zero VOCs and is ozone free and KHS-AI – software that makes it possible to get stable color within 20 sheets, B&B consistently produces a superior product and service experience to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations!

ISO 9001:2015
Certified Means