Timson Press Technology

B&B has the Most Efficient Workflow in the Industry!
Here’s Why!
Timson 48 Page Zero Make Ready Presses


Traditional Web Press Limitations

Stops & starts at the completion of every signature to change plates
  • Prints in 32 pages
  • 50% run time
  • 50% set up time
  • High heat, web growth
  • Heatset inks – offset/marking
  • Closed head design/gusseting
  • Highest paper waste

Timson Press Advantages

Two units are printing while two other units are simultaneously changing plates
  • Prints in 48 pages
  • 90% run time
  • 10% set up time
  • Low heat, no web growth
  • UV inks – no offsetting/marking
  • Open head design/no gusseting
  • Lower paper waste

ISO 9001:2015
Certified Means