What is ISO 9000?

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ISO 9000 is the most recognized quality management system in the world for manufacturing companies. Registration requires a rigorous accreditation process and annual audits to ensure compliance with established quality control procedures.

ISO Principles for Success

Customer Focus

Organizations need to understand their customers’ present and future requirements and strive to meet or exceed those expectations at all times.


Organizations need unity and purpose. Leaders are responsible for creating the environment where team members can become fully engaged and contribute to the organization’s success.


Team members are the lifeblood of an organization and their full involvement and personal development is vital to improved performance.

Process Approach

Positive results are more easily achieved when activities are managed as a process.

Systems Approach

Interrelated processes need to be analyzed and managed as one system to increase efficiency and results.

Continuous Improvement

Superior performance is based upon incremental improvement each and every day by each and every team member.

Data-Based Decision Making

Analysis of data and facts will produce better decisions.

Supplier Relationship

Suppliers and organizations are partners with the goal to create value for both parties in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Why ISO Improves Performance

ISO does not guarantee perfection on each and every job. However, it does require that every nonconforming event is systematically reviewed by management and the team members involved. Over time, this review and training process creates a stronger team and a higher, more consistent level of product quality and service.

The team at Bradford & Bigelow takes great pride in being an ISO 9001:2015 registered company.

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