Timson Press Technology

Bradford & Bigelow has the most efficient workflow in the industry – here’s why:

Timson 48-page Zero Make-Ready Presses

Our Timson presses produce zero toxic VOC emissions by utilizing better quality UV inks and drying technology. These inks greatly reduce energy consumption by eliminating costly and wasteful ovens and chillers. With a market focus on one trim size, 8.5×11, the UV inks eliminate marking and web growth and the open head Timson design prevents gusseting.

Additionally, our optically scanned barcoded signatures eliminate the possibility of missing or duplicate signatures within a book – all combined to create a superior manufacturing platform.

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Traditional Web Press Limitations
Timson Press Advantage

Stops and starts at the competition of every signature to change plates.

   Prints in 32 pages

   50% run time

   50% setup time

   High heat, web growth

   Heatset inks – offsetting or marking

   Closed head design or gusseting

   Highest paper waste

Two units are printing while two other are simultaneously changing plates.

   Prints in 48 pages

   90% run time

   10% setup time

   Low heat, no web growth

   UV inks – no offsetting or marking

   Open head design – no gusseting

   Lower paper waste

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