Quality Leader

Bradford & Bigelow is the quality leader within our markets!

Here are the reasons why:

ISO Trained Workforce
Our ISO 9001 commitment does not guarantee perfection on each and every job; however, it does guarantee every non conforming event will be systematically reviewed and corrected by management and team members involved. Over time, this review process and ongoing training of team members creates a higher and more consistent level of product quality and service.

G7 Master Certification
Like ISO 9001, G7 Certification does not guarantee perfection on each and every job. However, G7 does require the supplier to establish and monitor targets for the seven primary colors and review proofs to printed sheets to ensure consistency. Over time, this review and training process creates a more consistent level of color quality and minimizes the need for costly on site press okays.

UV Inks
These inks cure and dry instantly when exposed to low intensity heat lamps. Offsetting, marking and ink smearing issues are eliminated.
No Web Growth
Web growth is the expansion of text pages beyond the cover after the book is bound. Bradford & Bigelow has eliminated web growth by using UV inks and lamps with low heat intensity. Most other printers use traditional heat-set web presses that dehydrate the paper with 250-degree plus ovens to cure the ink and burn off toxic VOC emissions. During the humid summer months, chillers cannot put enough moisture back into the paper to stabilize the sheet. Once the book is bound, text pages continue to rehydrate and expand as the product is shipped to the customer. B&B eliminated this problem ten years ago by introducing more expensive and higher quality UV ink technology to the industry. Surprisingly, almost all of our competitors continue to employ old heat set inks and ovens.

Barcoded & Optically Scanned Signatures
At Bradford & Bigelow all press signatures are bar coded and optically scanned during the bindery assembly. This process all but eliminates the possibility of missing or duplicate signatures within a book.
No Gusseting/Wrinkling
Traditional heat-set presses have folders with a closed head design. This means the top of the pages are folded but not perforated and the air cannot escape quickly enough as the folding takes place. Consequently, the trapped air creates a wrinkle as the pages are being folded and compressed into bundles for binding. Timson presses have an open-head design with tops of the pages perforated to allow the air to escape as the pages are folded and compressed into 48-page bundles. Since converting to a Timson press platform, B&B has never had a complaint about gusseting.

PDF File Comparison to Printed Page
For secure testing accounts, we perform an additional QC check and compare the PDF file to printed page for broken or missing type, stray marks and inconsistent ink density.

At Bradford & Bigelow, we have built extensive quality control procedures into the manufacturing process versus inspection procedures and explanations after the fact. If you are looking for a long-term partnership with a high quality, Best-in-Class Supplier, you have found a home at B&B!
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