Fulfillment & Warehousing

Fulfillment services provided by Bradford & Bigelow include a combination

of warehousing, customized kitting and distribution of the books we print along with a variety of customer-supplied marketing or ancillary materials.




Assembly & Kitting



Cloud-Based Inventory Management

Bradford & Bigelow uses a cloud-based warehouse management system to control our in-house fulfillment center. Customers are able to utilize this software to place orders, monitor their inventory, then specify automatic minimum inventory notification levels, create customized reports, track their shipments online and much more. Additionally, we can customize the packing lists for your shipments by using graphic design specified by you or your clients. Thus, Bradford & Bigelow creates a transparent layer of personalization and service.

Flexible Configurations

Our fulfillment center is equipped with hundreds of gravity-fed Pick Lanes using Unex Span-Track shelving and has plenty of pallet storage positions to accommodate your needs. The configuration is flexible and can be converted as your projects demand.

Your Single Source Solution

Print, warehouse, and distribute all with one vendor. Our single source solution makes sense environmentally and economically. Let B&B help improve your bottom line and reduce response time and administrative expenses.

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