Environmental Leader

Bradford & Bigelow has invested significantly to be the environmental leader within our industry – and we wear this label proudly! Similar to other printing companies, B&B recycles paper, plates, corrugated pallets, office products, and every other conceivable product that travels through the plant. We also use LED lighting throughout the facility and have solar energy to power approximately 50% of our requirements.

What separates Bradford & Bigelow from the rest of the pack is

low energy consumption and non-toxic inks!

On the Conventional Side

Bradford & Bigelow only uses higher quality and more expensive UV inks on our web presses. UV inks generate zero VOC emissions. Conversely, a heat-set press using traditional inks can generate up to five tons of VOC emissions over the course of a year. That’s right, tons, not pounds! And these huge amounts of toxic volatile organic compounds have to be burned off, which in turn discharge particles into the atmosphere – creating unpleasant odors both inside and outside of the facility. More importantly, these discharged particles and fumes build up over time and negatively impact the local environment and water supply.

The second major advantage of UV ink technology is 90% less energy consumption. Traditional, antiquated heat-set presses require enormous 30-foot plus ovens and chillers running 24/7 to dry the ink and evaporate the toxic solvents. UV inks are cured immediately as the printed page passes under low-intensity heat lamps.

On the Inkjet Side

After a careful and thorough evaluation process, Bradford & Bigelow invested in Screen True Jet 520 technology which employs the most advanced dye-based inks – requiring minimal heat and providing 99% of the color fidelity of legacy machines using pigment-based inks by Hewlett-Packard and Kodak. In fact, we had a blind print test comparison with sales representatives and they could not tell the difference in print quality. Very simply, pigment-based print engines require massive dryers to cure the ink and dye-based ink systems do not.

Want to learn more?

If you want to support the environment and a supplier where “environmentally friendly” is an investment and everyday practice, not just a slogan, please consider Bradford & Bigelow for your next order and contact us today!

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