Secure Testing

Bradford & Bigelow is a leading supplier in this high-profile, demanding market. Secure Test Publishers appreciate and admire our competency of producing time-sensitive, mission critical, zero defect projects.

The value of our ISO 9001:2015 trained workforce, the stability, and continuity of having these complex projects produced by the same knowledgeable team members working from the same managed facility year after year provides confidence and assurance for a successful state wide test.

Our open head Timson presses and UV inks with instant drying eliminate both marking and gusseting issues. Extensive proofing procedures compare the PDF file to the printed page. With ongoing investments and upgrades to software, quality control procedures and serialization/barcoding equipment, B&B sets the quality standard for the secure testing market.

Student Test Reports – With our inkjet line now providing four color and variable data capacity, we are able to offer increased capacity and response time for this product line.


ISO 9001:2015
Certified Means