Mailing Solutions

Bradford & Bigelow offers a wide range mailing solutions to complement our print platform with the highest delivery rates and lowest postage cost available. Utilizing state-of-the-art software, decades of industry experience, and our vast logistics expertise, we analyze every mailing for optimum discounted postage levels and fastest delivery times. In many cases, we can drop-ship mailings to the closest USPS SCF or NDC facility, saving our customers valuable time and money.

Classes of Mail
First-Class Mail
Standard Mail
Non-Profit (in conjunction with clients’ USPS Non-Profit Authorization)
Bound Printer Matter, Media Mail, Library Mail, Parcel & more!

List Processing Services
Acceptance of the following formats: XLS, CSV, TXT, DBF.
CASS Certification along with Delivery Point Verification
Duplicate Removal in accordance with clients’ specifications
NCOA Move Updating (Standard 18-month lookup or optional 48-month)
Evaluation for Drop Shipment discounts
Pre-Sorting to most efficient level, including Carrier-Route Saturation levels when available
Electronic Postage Statement submission to USPS in order to guarantee maximum Full-Service Automation Discounts

Optional data services include
Processing suppression lists, and higher-level list processing, including: removing deceased, imprisoned, or Direct Marketing Association Do Not Mail list matches can be provided for an additional cost.

Postage Options
Use B&B’s Indicia or your own Indicia
Pre-cancelled Stamps
Live Stamps or Postage Meter Tapes

ISO 9001:2015
Certified Means