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Bradford & Bigelow is the low cost ballot printer in New England! All typesetting and printing is performed in house. Nothing is subcontracted to third parties in distant regions of the country!

At B&B, there is no "middle man" markup or exorbitant shipping costs. We offer "direct from the factory pricing" and pass the savings on to you, The Customer!!!

With nearly 150 employees and nine offset and digital presses staffed 24x6, B&B has the firepower to accommodate the most demanding production schedules. We recogonize court challenges and delays are a fact of life in the Election Business and have staffed our plant accordingly.

Election Materials

Bradford & Bigelow

Bradford & Bigelow is the leading ballot printer in the Northeast! We have been priting ballots through every possible election cycle for decades. Our knowledge of election laws and nuances, depth of experience, quality control procedures and specialized equipment are unmatched by any other supplier.

Whether you are a small town with simple paper ballots or a large municipality with complex multi lingual ballots requirements, Bradford & Bigelow has the resources to provide 'peace of mind' and properly typeset, proof read, check the timing marks and deliver the absentee, official and specimen ballots on time and on budget for Election Day!


Bradford & Bigelow has been supporting small towns and large municipality elections for almost 3 decades.


Town Reports & Booklets are another speciality of B&B!