Small and midsize educational publishers have found a home at Bradford & Bigelow. Here are the reasons why!

Capacity – Bradford & Bigelow does not do any work for the four major book publishers. This means we have plenty of “burst capacity” to meet your needs during the peak summer season. B&B is also your “go-to vendor” for time-sensitive, mission-critical, zero defect state adoptions.

Lightweight Papers – Bradford & Bigelow stocks a wide variety of lightweight groundwood papers, which are ideal for K-12 soft cover books.

Lead Times – Our lead times are the best in the industry. We are staffed 24/7, print and bind only one trim size (8.5×11) in mostly 48 page signatures. Our market focus greatly reduces manufacturing time allowing B&B to move product through our plant on an accelerated basis more diversified suppliers can not match.

Inkjet and Digital Book Factory – We can help you reduce inventory, backorders, and obsolescence with our short-run solutions. And our Digital Book Factory has no problem printing on lightweight papers with the same look and feel as conventional offset.

Teachers’ Guides – With coil binding in-house and our robust Digital Book Factory, Bradford & Bigelow offers expedited service on these complex, time sensitive projects.


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