The Ones Who Make it Happen: Peter Anton, IT Manager

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Project Description

At Bradford & Bigelow, we talk a lot about our team and our workplace culture. In fact, one of the principles of ISO 9001:2015 is the engagement and involvement of people. In our employee spotlight series, we sit down with our team members, giving you an inside look at who they are and what they do.

Peter is a Merrimack Valley native, and a graduate of Phillips Andover and UMass Lowell, and has worked in IT in printing his entire career. Peter’s background and education include both artistic and engineering fields, allowing him to creatively implement technology in solving manufacturing challenges. He joined the B&B team in 2006 and was brought on board to help B&B implement its MIS/ERP systems for job planning, scheduling, and automation. Since then, he has also implemented information security protocols to exceed B&B’s customers’ security needs, created software-driven workflows to ensure production quality and accuracy, and developed tools for real-time productivity analysis to help B&B reliably deliver time-sensitive projects on-time, every time.

Also, he teaches people how to spin/breathe fire and plays a mean guitar.

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