Case Study: Quality Counts, Differentiating from the Competition

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Project Description


Books are a great way to help a child’s development. Whether it’s reading, writing, spelling, a book can increase vocabulary skills, improve focus, and give a child confidence. This educational publisher has a focus on homeschooling curriculum, filled with activity books and tactile learning materials. When it came time to choose a supplier, the quality of their materials was important not only for the children at home learning but for brand differentiation.


After the first project was printed, samples were sent to the customer and they determined that the show through on the stock was unacceptable. B&B sprang into action to overcome these issues which included testing new papers. It found a comparable alternative that was treated which almost eliminated the issue. B&B management removed the old stock entirely and made the new paper a house stock to minimize impact for future customers.


The publisher was thrilled that the line of communication was open throughout the process and B&B adapted to their needs. In changing what was once a house stock to an alternative the customer’s book quality is better than ever. The higher quality products offered by B&B’s printing platform, in addition to the new paper stock, gave the publisher an edge over their competitors and allowed their consumers to differentiate the curriculum.

Standing out against our competition is critical in the homeschooling market. Bradford & Bigelow was proactive by finding a new stock that satisfied our needs.

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