Case Study: Logistical Nightmare, The Key to Being Locked Out

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Project Description


As the print and logistics industries continue to change at a rapid pace, publishers increasingly face challenges in partnering with the right companies. This test prep company was exploring options when their worst-case horror story came true: operations came to a complete halt. Their fulfillment partner was experiencing difficulties that reached a crisis stage when their warehouse was locked and shut out for failure to meet their lease terms. This meant no production and no distribution for the foreseeable


The test prep company’s first call was Bradford & Bigelow. Within an hour, a crisis coordination team was established including executive management, operations, customer service, and the sales teams. The most urgent action was to transport the inventory to Bradford & Bigelow’s warehouse so that orders could be fulfilled quickly. Bradford & Bigelow secured communication with the fulfillment lessor and gained access to the warehouse. Manning and equipment requirements were set, transportation companies were alerted and quickly arrived on the scene.


Morning and afternoon conference calls were held daily between the publisher and Bradford & Bigelow to ensure all key items were addressed. Approximately three hundred pallets which filled ten trucks were moved and put into Bradford & Bigelow’s warehouse and entered into the operations and fulfillment management system, VeraCore, within four days. The most urgent rush orders were fulfilled within the same day of Bradford & Bigelow picking and moving products and the remaining critical orders were set to distribute the morning after.

I can’t tell you how impressed we are with the agility of your company. Thank you for your Herculean operations management on this beast. You really saved the day!
Vice President of Institutional Operations

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