Case Study: Choosing the Right Stock, Cutting Unnecessary Costs

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Project Description


Choosing paper for any project can be a difficult task. Do you want to fit in or stand out? Does your branding require a certain look and feel to your books? Or have you been using the same paper forever and believe “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it?” Many publishers have a preferred stock to use for specific projects and this educational publisher was no different. They had been using the same stock, year after year with no evaluation to determine “is this worth it?”


B&B specializes in printing for educational publishers. With decades of experience, institutional knowledge, and the handling of educational textbooks and workbooks, the organization has a firm understanding of paper stocks. When it came time to quote a project for this educational publisher, they had their mind set on a specific branded paper. Bradford & Bigelow then offered a cost analysis of their chosen stock along with a similar alternative.


Bradford & Bigelow found a comparable stock for the educational publisher that would still suit their needs for the end product and most importantly, their users/consumers. With a small decrease to the brightness and opacity on an unbranded house stock, the paper recommended had a nine percent cost savings. For a run of almost 3,000,000 books, this means that the educational publisher was able to save over $200,000.

It is awesome to have a production partner that offers cost-saving ideas! Instead of blindly taking orders, the B&B team recognized an opportunity for us to save money and worked with us through the change. Who doesn’t like saving money?
Vendor Contract Manager

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