4 Benefits of Printed Materials

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The supposed death of physical print is an idea that’s circulated for years and yet, it’s an idea that remains to be seen. Not only does the print industry have a steady pulse, but it also continues to thrive as one of the most beneficial forms of media. Reasons include, but are not limited to:


Print is credible

As an original form of media, print has something digital media doesn’t: history. Most if not all of us can recall growing up with books, newspapers, and magazines serving as our sources of information and entertainment. That being the case, our trust is more likely to be placed in printed materials and the content therein.


Print is tangible

Print offers a higher perceived value as you touch and feel it as opposed to simply view it on a screen. This quite literal hands-on approach elevates physical media above its digital counterpart as printed materials boast higher frequency viewing rates and allow consumers to essentially “unplug” from the digital world. 


Print is more engaging

Websites and social media, while effective at establishing the validity of a brand, are often skimmed over within seconds. And in the age of online promotions and flashy pop-up ads, it’s not difficult to see why. Consumers are more likely to spend time reading through content in the absence of these online distractions.


Print is better comprehended

The results are in: readers understand and retain information better when viewing printed media as opposed to digital media.


None of this is to disparage the positive impact of digital media, but rather, it’s to refute that print is a dying medium and is seeing a decline in the advent of the digital era. Quite the contrary, both forms of media serve merely as complementary means to a common end: the sharing of information.

The world may be digital, but print continues to stand out.

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