3 Advantages of UV Inks

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As the industry continues to demand the latest and greatest technology, UV inks have seen a steady rise in popularity. While traditional solvent-based inks absorb into substrates and require dryers, UV inks have eliminated that need and now offer increased efficiencies throughout manufacturing. What distinguishes UV from traditional inks is the curing process in which special inks are used then cured by ultraviolet light located at the print head. Here are three reasons why you should be opting for UV inks:


Environmentally friendly

Unlike conventional inks, UV inks do not produce VOC emissions as they do not contain solvents that evaporate. Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are chemicals that can create air pollution, smog, and are said to have a significant impact on global warming.  As such, UV inks do not require permitting or reporting.


Higher quality

Due to the curing process, UV inks do not penetrate into substrates but rather remain on top of the sheet which allows the print to retain greater densities and vivid coloring. Cured UV inks also provide an additional layer of durability in which they are rub-resistant with no marking or offsetting. Another benefit is good light fastness, in that UV inks can catch and reflect light which results in increased readability.



UV inks dry instantly which means products are cured and ready to be finished immediately after printing, this allows printers to significantly shorten manufacturing time. Print vendors can also reduce capital and maintenance costs by eliminating ovens, chillers, and oxidizers which in turn saves 100M therms per year of natural gas expenses. In addition, UV inks have a shorter paper path which saves 25 feet of paper waste on every signature, savings that are passed down to the customer.


UV printing is gaining momentum in the graphic arts industry and for good reasons. While it takes a significant investment to switch to UV inks, printers and customers alike continue to see the advantages.

If you’d like to learn more about UV inks and the printing process behind them, please feel free to contact Bradford & Bigelow today!

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