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Under the leadership of John Galligan, Bradford & Bigelow has grown from a small five-person shop operating in a South Boston loft to one of the top 8.5×11 book printers in North America. B&B offers a complete supply chain solution of printing, warehousing, distribution, and mailing services for 1-4 color perfect, saddle, coil, and case bound products.

At B&B, our goal has always been to be the best-in-class, not the biggest and most diversified supplier. Client relationships and employee tenure are measured in decades, not years. Our workforce stability plus constant ISO 9001 & G7 training brings great value to our long-term clients. B&B has also won numerous awards from trade associations as one of the best-managed companies in the industry based on customer satisfaction, financial performance, and innovation.

On the environmental side, Bradford & Bigelow is an industry leader. We were one of the first printers in North America to adopt the Timson zero make-ready press technology that greatly reduces paper consumption with increased press efficiency. B&B was also a pioneer being the first to utilize higher quality and more expensive UV inks to eliminate all toxic VOC emissions and greatly reduce energy consumption. Our commitment to the environment and clean energy has continued with the installation of a 500 KWH solar energy system, LED lighting throughout the plant, and many other energy-saving measures.

B&B’s offset print platform is based upon 48-page Timson and Manroland presses which greatly reduce press make-ready time, paper waste, and bindery set up time expediting delivery and providing lower costs for our clients. On the digital side, Technology Watch Magazine performed independent tests indicating our Screen High-Definition Inkjet presses offer the highest inkjet print quality available in the marketplace. And the Screen presses provide inline saddle-stitching and perfect binding to minimize turn times.

Most importantly, clients tell us that our quality and service is superior and more consistent than other suppliers within the same markets.



  • Six-time winner of the Industry’s Management Plus Program for Superior Performance and Customer Satisfaction
  • Associated Industries of Massachusetts Sustainability Award
  • State of Massachusetts $250,000 Training Grant Recipient (largest ever awarded to a printing company)

Our Location

Bradford & Bigelow is located in scenic, seaside Newburyport, MA. Visit us for a plant tour, bring your walking shoes and stay for the weekend! You’ll love our brick sidewalks, historic landscapes, art galleries, shops, and restaurants – all part of this quaint New England town. Many of our customers, suppliers, and team members call Newburyport “Nantucket North.” Twice the charm at half the price!

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