Beating COVID-19: The Bradford & Bigelow Way

Navigating our way through this surreal crisis has certainly been a challenge, by far the biggest challenge of his career says Bradford & Bigelow’s President, John Galligan. Our primary goals were to protect the health and financial security of our talented team members and meet the needs of our loyal, long-term clients. Early on, B&B initiated the standard social distancing procedures, provided gloves, masks, and daily sanitizing of all high touch spots. Additionally, all sales and administrative personnel were also encouraged to work remotely as much as possible.

However, for our dedicated manufacturing team members who work four twelve-hour shifts in our 150,000 SF building with high ceilings, it made sense to do something special. B&B initiated a $2 an hour premium for all manufacturing personnel and a daily free lunch/dinner.

Rick Dunn, EVP, notes “the hourly premium has been very well received, but the lunches have been a real home run! We mix it up every day with subs, wraps, Chinese, Italian, etc., all in individual portions. The team members appreciate the convenience the lunch program offers and the fact that it minimizes social contact and the need to leave the building limiting the possibility of catching the virus.”

Galligan concludes “so far, so good! B&B essentially is operating at full capacity, the health and morale of our employees is very good, we are meeting the needs of our clients and taking market share from weaker competitors who are focusing on layoffs, furloughs and pay cuts. And last but not least, we are supporting our local restaurants that have been hit hard economically by COVID-19.”

Have a seat with our president, John Galligan and Mark Michelson of Printing Impressions as they discuss Bradford & Bigelow’s $20-million expansion and morale-boosting efforts in light of COVID-19.