Bradford & Bigelow Opens New Warehouse Facility

While there is chaos and turmoil in the marketplace, at Bradford & Bigelow there is focus and exponential growth. B&B recently completed a $20-million expansion of their 150,000 SF Newburyport facility and has just recently added another 50,000 SF of space in nearby Seabrook, New Hampshire.

John Galligan, President comments “our print, warehouse, and distribute supply chain platform continues to grow nicely and offer great value to our long-term clients. The Seabrook space allows B&B to expand our offerings for complex kitting and assembly along with inventory storage and fulfillment.”

The company now has a national network of fulfillment centers on the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast. Bob Bradley, VP of Sales reports all facilities use the same warehouse management system which gives clients a seamless, full view of online tracking with real-time inventory reporting, including automated notification of inventory receipts and replenishment reorder points. At B&B, our goal remains the same, to provide a best-in-class supply chain solution with ISO 9001:2015 levels of quality and service for long-term clients.

In these unprecedented times, we have space and are available to help you out as needed! Contact us today if you have projects in need of fulfilling.