B&B Completes $20-Million CAPEX Investment & Building Expansion

Jason Elliot, VP of Sales and Alex Lutton, Project Manager congratulate John Galligan, President, and Rick Dunn, Executive Vice President on the successful install of the 48-page Manroland|Goss press.

Bradford & Bigelow is leading the book industry by consistently making significant capital expenditures year-over-year. We recently completed a $20-million expansion to create the best-in-class print platform for 8.5×11, 1-4 products. This record-breaking year of investments has included a new 4-color offset web press, upgrades to our digital equipment, and a 50,000 square foot building expansion.

Bob Bradley, VP of Sales, the B&B sales team, and most importantly, our clients are ecstatic about the quality, speed, and capacity this press brings to the B&B platform.

As Bradford & Bigelow continues to grow, we listen carefully to our clients and monitor industry trends. B&B selected the Manroland|Goss Lithoman as our newest team member. This 48-page press complements our fleet of three web offset and two digital inkjet web presses, doubling our capacity. It offers 1-4 color printing, boasts speeds up to 37,500 impressions per hour, and has advanced technology that provides automated make-readies, low waste, and great color fidelity! With the Lithoman and our market focus on 8.5×11 products, B&B standard turn-times are 7-10 days or less from proof approval; the best in the industry!

Additionally, our Digital Book Factory is a key component of the B&B supply chain solution. With increasing client demand for higher quality inkjet products, Bradford & Bigelow made the strategic decision to expand our long-term partnership with Screen USA. Based upon independent tests by Technology Watch magazine, The Screen HD (high-definition) presses offer inkjet quality that essentially matches the quality of offset sheetfed presses. Very simply, with the Screen HDs, B&B can offer consistent color for your brand and product lines across our entire print platform of HUV sheetfed, heat-set web offset, and high-speed digital inkjet presses.

Finally, as more of our clients are looking for a better and simpler supply chain, Bradford & Bigelow has expanded our print, warehouse, and distribute platform. To keep up with client demand, we have expanded our warehouse and fulfillment area by 50,000 square feet.  Additionally, B&B has added midwest and west coast distribution partners to expedite the distribution process and provide national coverage.

With these investments, we’ve been able to enhance our supply chain and create better value for our long-term, loyal clients. If you want a partnership with a best-in-class supplier, call Bradford & Bigelow today, you will not be disappointed!