Bradford & Bigelow Partners with manroland|Goss and Launches Major Growth Initiative

Bradford & Bigelow is pleased to announce a long-term partnership with manroland|Goss with the purchase of two Lithoman 48-page four-color presses and a 50,000 square foot building addition.

B&B’s President, John Galligan, states “we are delighted to partner with manroland|Goss. Very simply, the Lithoman technology with advanced color control, automation, minimal waste and excellent makeready times along with our Komori HUV 8/C automated sheetfed press and Screen 4/C inkjet equipment will allow us to be the leader in 4/C book printing.”

Executive Vice President, Rick Dunn, adds “as an ISO 9001:2015 and G7 certified supplier, we measure twice and cut once. More and more of our clients are asking B&B to expand our 4/C capacity and offer a print, warehouse, and distribute model which economically and environmentally makes sense. Along with the press capacity, B&B will add 50,000 sq ft of warehousing and fulfillment space.”

Vice President of Sales, Bob Bradley, concludes “our goal is to be the best-in-class supplier for any 1-4 color, 8.5×11 bound product; perfect, saddle or coil. We are very grateful to our long-term clients and loyal, talented team members who have made these investments possible.”

Alex Wasserman, President of manroland|Goss, echoed B&B’s sentiments. The Lithoman product line is tops in the industry and can add great value to progressive printers who want to position themselves for future growth. manroland|Goss is very pleased to partner with an industry leader like Bradford & Bigelow.

The building expansion will be completed in Q1 with the press install and startup in Q2 of 2019.