G7 Master Color Certification! The Gold Standard for Color Reproduction!

Bradford & Bigelow is now a G7 Certified Master Printer, the highest quality level awarded by the national trade association, Idealliance. G7 Certification requires a set of standards and a process for calibrating color between proofing systems and presses. The emphasis in this specification is on grayscale balance. The goal of G7 is to provide visually consistent, repeatable color between the approved proof and the printed sheet.

As a G7 Certified Master Printer, we calibrate our proofing systems and presses to ensure strict adherence to GRACoL specifications. This process allows B&B to provide proofs and press-sheets that are nearly identical and much more closely matched than non-certified G7 commercial printers provide.

More importantly, how does this impact your job? Very simply, G7 Master Certification ensures B&B meets or exceeds your color quality expectations. If you are busy and don’t have the time or travel budget to conduct costly and time-consuming press checks, our G7 Master Color Certification provides you the peace of mind the proofs and printed sheets will almost be an exact match.